Overview Of Equestrian Development In Aquitaine

Aquitaine is a region in France which is renowned for its active agricultural industry. It is the home of many tobacco farmers and a number of livestock raring settlers. The region is also a notable tourist destination. It Is particularly held in high esteem for its mild sunny weather pattern and countless tourist activities. There are numerous local treats to sample, cultural events to attend, wines to taste and even places to see.

This magical place is without a doubt a summer destination worth visiting.

But, there is more to this region than tourism. This is also the home of some of the most amazing horse racing events in the world. Over the years, the region’s equestrian industry has evolved to become one of the most respected on earth. A closer look at how this industry has developed over the years is definitely interesting as clearly indicated in the forthcoming paragraphs.

The Force Behind Equestrian Development In Aquitaine

Developing the horse racing industry

The equestrian industry in Aquitaine has been changing for many years. Initially, residents of the region used to rare small families of horses for domestic purposes. But, the coming of horse racing changed the mindsets of horse keepers. They switched to raring horses for purposes of meeting the needs of the horse racing industry. Therefore, horse racing is now at the core of the horse industry in the region. It is the driving force behind horse keeping.

As a matter of fact, all the activities surrounding horse keeping revolve around horse racing. The horse keepers now make sure their horses are good enough to satisfy racers. They provide the right food: carefully chosen to maintain the wellbeing of the horses. Further, they also make sure the horses are groomed in the best way possible so that they can continue being relevant to the industry.

Dealing With Diseases

There’s challenge in keeping the horses healthy

Diseases have long been known to affect the development of the equestrian industry by a significant extent. One of the major diseases affecting the industry is pneumonia. It can be caused by a virus or a bacterium. The latter is mainly caused by the rhino virus and is thus referred to as rhino pneumonia. In the case of the former, bacteria are responsible for it. Both forms of the conditions are life threatening and must be treated as soon as they have presented themselves.

Horses that are suffering from pneumonia are not able to reproduce or even take part in equestrian competitions. The foals may die prematurely, while the old horses may die within hours as soon as the condition has deteriorated. Over the years, the equestrian industry in France has been able to devise a number of methods aimed at neutralizing the impact that pneumonia has on horses. For example, better diagnostic methods have been introduced coupled with more effective treatment techniques. As a result, the development of the industry has not been hampered.

The Impact Of Tourism

The love for equestrian

Tourism in France is taken quite seriously. Not surprisingly, the country hosts a good number of tourists on an annual basis. The tourists that visit the nation are interested in a number of things. One of them are the exhilarating equestrian competitions that are hosted by the country on an annual basis. Such events attract tourists from as far as the U.S.

Thanks to the many tourists that are interested in visiting the country on the basis of watching equestrian tournaments and enjoying equestrian activities, the industry has been able to expand at an amazing pace. Within a short period of time, it has grown to become one of the best in the world.

The Influence Of The Government

Professional care for equestrian

The government of France has played a huge role in the development of the equestrian industry across the country. It has introduced a number of policies and regulations that are aimed at fostering development in the industry as a whole. Thanks to such regulations the industry has been able to growth at an amazing pace.

Apart from the introduction of regulations, the government has also come up with institutions that are open to both local and international students. This has helped many people to learn how to ride and groom their horses. Such institutions have also played a pivotal role in enabling young people to acquire horse riding skills for participating in equestrian competitions across France and even beyond.

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