What Makes Aquitaine A Great Tourist Destination?

Aquitaine has long been known for being a perfect destination for horse racing. The region hosts a number of equestrian competitions which attract scores of spectators and participants from all parts of the world. It is also home to one of the best equestrian raring communities in the world: producing and grooming horses in readiness for various international activities.

But, there is more that the region has to offer than just horse riding and their associated races. Most importantly, the place is renowned for equestrian tourist activities of various kinds. There are numerous reasons that make the region such an amazing tourist destination. Here is a look at some of the most notable reasons that can account for this.

Perfect Weather Pattern

Blooming season!

One of the major reasons that make the place perfect for tourism is the fact that it boasts of an amazing weather pattern. During summer, the region is at the center of various tourist activities owing to its tantalizing weather pattern. Not shockingly, it is often referred to as the ultimate summer destination both in Europe and France as a whole.

The weather pattern makes it possible for tourists to take part in a number of activities ranging from swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing. Boat cruising and sampling wines are some of the activities that tourists engage in during summer. Others include hiking, city tours beach sporting activities.

Natural Beauty

The basin of Aquitaine’s shore

Aquitaine is adorned with natural beauty and splendor. Owing to its vast collection of forests, lakes and unique scenery, it beams with unpretentious beauty, almost unparalleled.

The beaches also contribute to its natural beauty, along with some exotic flowers clustered in selected areas.

Ideal Location

The spectacular landscape of mountains

The place is located between the Pyrenees mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. This location makes it easily accessible to tourists from all over Europe. In addition, the wealth of tourist activities that the region boasts of is primarily due to its location.

A visit to Aquitaine is a rare opportunity to experience some of the most memorable activities that France has to offer. It is by far the most mind staggering tourist destination in all of south-west France. This ideal location also accounts for the region’s vast collection of seaside resorts including Biarritz, Capbreton and Arcachon among others.

Rich In History

Saint Emilion embodies majesty

Another landmark attribute of the region is the fact that it is very rich in history. The architectural beauty of the cities of art and history that the region features are just mind boggling. You cannot visit Aquitaine and fail to be drawn to the architectural marvels of Bordeaux, Bayonne and Pau. This is also the home of Saint-Emilion’s medieval cities. It is a rare opportunity to also experience the rich history of Sarlart-la-Caneda. There are buildings which remind the world of the iconic minds of medieval Europe. The region also features some of the world’s most stunning castles. This is the home of the Bonaguil castles:

mind capturing architectural pieces that clearly reflect the true sense of innovation and attention to detail that characterized ancient France.

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