Top Destinations For Horse Riding In France

France is known to have an ideal land, certainly suitable for horse riding. Beginners and advanced level riders can benefit from the experience here. The list given below will provide you with multiple destination options for engaging in the activity.

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1. Great Bordeaux Wines


The Great Bordeaux Wine region is ideal for horse riding in France. If you love wine tasting, then this might just be the perfect combination for you to experience. The organizers provide you with trained horses as per your level of training and confidence. The areas covered are beautiful and trails are fascinating.

2. The Alps

The Alps are usually the most preferred location for horse riding in France. Mostly, intermediate and advanced level riders benefit from the Alps. Icy streams and lush green mountain regions will make your overall experience memorable. The trails are rocky and not the easiest to navigate. So, one needs to be prepared before engaging in horse riding here is necessary.

3. Cevennes National Park

This is a comparatively new destination for horse riding. It is rich in history which acts as an added bonus for the riders. One can explore rivers, plateaus, rock formations, and of course the visually exasperating mountains.

4. Armagnac Horse Riding

Armagnac is a stunning region in France where both guided and unguided horse-riding opportunities are available. The guide there is known to provide well-trained horses depending on each one’s capacity or level and every rider is free to opt for an unguided experience if they are confident of their skills. The communication will be fairly easy even for foreigners. The countryside is certainly beautiful and worth a visit.

5. North West Coast

The North-West Coast is ideal for a dramatic horse-riding experience. The beaches and coastlines are fun to try this activity on. It is near Paris and ferry terminals are available. Pictures taken are sure to look extremely cinematic and aesthetic.

6. Tarn Valley Retreat

The Tarn Valley Retreat is a relatively new establishment located overlooking Cordes-sur Ciel, a hilltop village which is considered to be one of the most visually attractive regions in southwest France. It is 150 acres area with a stunning stone house, gardens, and landscape meadows. Enthusiast riders can, in fact, choose to go for Natural Horsemanship Clinics where one can learn horse riding, bonding with the horses, and gaining any other relevant skills.

The horses are very well-trained and people are always there to help you out to maximize the experience.

7. The Dordogne

Dordogne is a region in south-west France known for its historic locations, bastides, chateau, cuisines, etc. These elements make it a great riding experience and there’s a little something for everyone in this rural area. Even though a car ride is an option, a horse ride is recommended if you wish to explore the site in its complete glory and be one with the people and the exasperating place.

If horse riding is your true passion, then check out the best equestrian schools in France and brush up your skills while you are there. Click here to know more.

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