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Equestrian Activities In Aquitaine

Aquitaine is an amazing region in south-west France. In 2016, it was renamed Nouvelle-Aquitaine following the change of administration. For many years, the region has been recognized as one of the most amazing places to reside in. Not shockingly, its population has been increasing quite steadily over the years.

Thanks to its natural beauty and vast collection of tourist sites, it hosts numerous tourists from all over the world. It is also rich in history, combination of mouthwatering treats and culture. But, the region has more to offer than just tourism and a rich history. It is also renowned for being home to many equestrian tourists activities that pull crowds of spectators from all over France and beyond.

There are countless equestrian events that the city hosts. Major ones are clearly highlighted in the passage.


There are numerous tournaments that Aquitaine hosts for horse riding fanatics.

The competitions involve beginners, intermediate riders and professionals. There are even categories such as male and female.

Horse Riding Tours

Horse riding is a very common activity in the region. Numerous people from all parts of the world travel to the region just to experience the horse-riding trails that Aquitaine has to offer.

There are amazing landscapes that make riding fun and intriguing. Further, the tour of the region on horses is equally exhilarating.

Horse Grooming Lessons

There are some activities that are held for purposes of teaching horse owners how to take care of their horses. Such activities are mainly hosted by equestrian learning centers and clubs.

They are meant for horse riding enthusiasts and even professionals.


Disease Control Activities

Horse in Aquitaine like any other equestrian region in the world, have to deal with the effects of disease. The most life threatening disease is equestrian pneumonia which affects numerous horses across the region.

Fortunately, the coming of advanced treatment methods has made it possible for the region to keep the disease under control. There are activities within the region that are aimed at promoting horse treatment.